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A Step-by-Step Guide to A Website Building Process

So, you’re ready to bring your business online and create a website or renovate your current one. What does the process look like when you partner with a website development company like Branders Pro? Let’s break it down.

Initial Consultation: Crafting Your Vision for the Website

Upon reaching out to Branders Pro, the journey begins with a meeting, maybe even a series of meetings, where we aim to understand your business, goals, and vision for the website. This initial discussion helps us fine-tune the approach and scope of work needed to breathe life into your concept, as we’re committed to ensuring transparency right from the outset.

Website Services Proposal: Outlining the Roadmap 

Following our meeting, we will present you with a detailed proposal, which will be later translated into the website contract. This proposal outlines your vision, project requirements, key highlights of the proposed website, our time and cost estimates, and the primary deliverables we’ve agreed upon. These details are unique to your project, emphasizing the need for a clear definition to guarantee your website’s success.

Web Development Cycle: Case Scenarios – From Vision to Reality

Once the metrics for success are established, your vision undergoes the web development cycle to become the website you’ve imagined.

website development process diagram

This journey is individual for every project, as requirements vary in each case, resulting in different content for each phase. Let’s explore a few scenarios:

Freelancer’s Portfolio: Niche Design, Extra Creativity

Imagine you’re a freelancer building an online portfolio. Your project involves a small scope but demands a niche design, likely extra creative. With a WordPress backend, we may use an extraordinary web design template or create a custom design to ensure a unique online presence. The focus is on the design stage, aligning it perfectly with your personal brand. While development is crucial, it may be less extensive.

Our research delves into understanding your unique style and niche. Discovery involves exploring extraordinary web design templates or envisioning a custom design, ensuring your online portfolio stands out. Planning focuses on a streamlined user journey by emphasizing intuitive design. The process centers around enhancing creativity, possibly by incorporating custom elements within the chosen template. The goal is to highlight your work as a captivating experience.

Corporate Website: Balancing Professionalism and Functionality

Consider a corporate website as a middle-ground example, striking a balance between design and development on the continuum. In this context, design reflects professionalism, while development ensures the necessary functionality.

Our strategy often involves using publicly accessible Content Management System platforms, like WordPress, due to their versatility and scalability, allowing us to tailor the website to specific needs. The choice of an open-source CMS is a crucial part of the planning process, accommodating the company’s growth. We may also explore Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration for efficient tracking, management, and engagement with clients directly through the website.

During the research phase, we delve into industry trends and competitor analysis. The planning includes designing in alignment with the corporate brand identity and goals. We create a comprehensive sitemap and implement website content tactics tailored to meet corporate objectives. Our focus is on creating a clean, modern design or selecting an appropriate template with User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) considerations, prioritizing easy navigation for a smooth user journey.

Enterprise Portal: Sophistication in Design and Development

But what if you’re contemplating an enterprise portal to serve a wide range of functions — from information dissemination and internal communication to conducting online sales and customer service? In this case, our recommendation often leans towards custom design and development, ensuring a tailor-made solution that perfectly aligns with your business goals and specific requirements. The synergy between design and development becomes critical.

Enterprise Portal is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to leverage digital technology to streamline their operations, improve stakeholder engagement, and expand their market presence. Such large-scale projects demand a holistic approach where both design and development play paramount roles. Custom design is indispensable to engage a broad audience effectively, complemented by robust custom development capable of handling complex functionalities, including potential e-commerce integration.

Our research process involves in-depth market analysis, and the planning phase is meticulously set up to produce a sophisticated design, incorporating custom development for bespoke features. If applicable, CRM integration is approached with intricate detailing of user roles and customer interactions. The UI/UX strategy is crafted to prioritize a seamless experience for a diverse user base, and it usually involves a web design customized specifically to reflect and enhance the enterprise’s brand.

Customization vs. Ready-Made Solutions: Which One To Choose?

Customization involves creating a website from scratch, where each element, feature, and functionality is designed and developed to meet specific requirements. This ground-up approach ensures a unique solution that precisely aligns with your needs.

On the other hand, ready-made solutions encompass pre-built themes, plugins, or entire CMS that come with built-in features and functionalities. These solutions, such as website templates, are designed for quick implementation, significantly reducing the time and effort needed to create a website from scratch. They serve as a foundational framework for website development, offering a structured layout and design, often with generic placeholders that can be easily replaced with specific content.

  • Customization: Ideal for enterprises and businesses with unique needs, it involves building from scratch for unparalleled flexibility. However, due to the intricacies involved, it comes with a higher upfront cost and an extended timeline.
  • Template and Ready-Made Solutions: A cost-effective choice for smaller businesses, these solutions offer quick deployment and proven functionality. However, they may limit customization, resulting in a less unique design and functionality.

Custom Website

In scenarios where businesses, especially larger enterprises, have unique operational needs and a distinct brand identity, customization becomes key. For instance, an enterprise portal requiring advanced functionalities, specific workflows, and extraordinary web design would benefit from a custom development approach. This involves tailoring every feature to align with precise business processes. The design, in this case, would be entirely bespoke, ensuring a one-of-a-kind online presence that perfectly mirrors the brand, while development would offer unparalleled flexibility and scalability.

Template Website and Ready-Made Solutions

Conversely, for smaller businesses or startups looking for a solid online presence without intricate custom requirements, opting for template and ready-made solutions is a cost-effective and efficient choice. This involves selecting a pre-designed template or using an open-source CMS with readily available themes. Such solutions provide quick deployment, proven functionality, and are budget-friendly. However, they may come with limitations, restricting unique features or complex design alterations compared to a fully customized approach.

Middle Ground

A hybrid approach can be adopted for businesses seeking a balance between uniqueness and cost-effectiveness. This involves starting with a template or open-source CMS as a foundation and then applying customizations to accommodate specific needs. This approach combines the advantages of both customization and template solutions, offering a balanced cost and efficient timeline. However, there might still be some limitations imposed by the template’s structure, though less restrictive than those found in a purely template-based solution.

Bottom Line

Our case scenarios illustrate the potential solutions and intricacies of website creation depending on the context, showcasing that project scope, cost, and timeframe vary based on customization levels. The general rule of thumb is that the project scope, cost, and timeframe increase with customization and decrease with the implementation of templates and ready-made solutions.

Additional Services: Beyond Development

Our website creation services extend beyond the core development capabilities.

We offer content creation services, ensuring your website is not only visually appealing but also rich in engaging and relevant content.

If you require a boost in online visibility, our on-page SEO services are seamlessly integrated during the design phase, while technical SEO is included within the limits of the development process, ensuring your site is optimized for search engines.

If you lack a defined brand style, we can create or refine your logo and overall brand aesthetic.

These additional services ensure your website performs exceptionally well in all senses and stands out in the digital landscape.

Building A Website Series

We’ve created a blog post series detailing each website creation phase to show you the website-building process and what you can expect when partnering with Branders Pro for your project.

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