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Well, the answer to this question is expected: a successful web designer in Kuwait must provide top-notch quality. However, to elaborate further, let us clarify what we mean by “winning” in this context.

The Web Designer’s “Predicament”

A web designer’s job is problematic in itself. During a website creation process, every web designer tackles the checklist of challenges, which is by no means exhaustive, like building a website that is user-friendly and accessible, making it visually pleasing and engaging but not over-saturated, ensuring it is responsive and quick to load, as well as improving user experience as much as possible, etc.

Facing clients makes a web designer’s job even more demanding and arduous. In fact, not only clients. The employer, if applicable, along with the client’s customers, also adds their pile of concerns to the mounting pressure that shapes the project’s tasks: performing preferably ahead of schedule, ideally under the budget, to the best standard and user expectation, and flawlessly flexible just in case some last-minute changes need to be urgently introduced.

On top of that, let’s not forget the frustration of being undervalued, underpaid, or creatively unrealized. Understandably, any web designer desires creative expression in their work while also being appreciated for their output and decently compensated for their efforts. However, more often than not, this desire is sacrificed to professionalism, i.e., strictly adhering to the client’s vision, which is, of course, a key requirement of the job. But again, all these factors should be balanced without dampening the enthusiasm of all parties involved.

From a web designer’s perspective, such perfect equilibrium of all the aspects is the ultimate manifestation of their job, which boosts the chances of the overall success of the interaction between a business and a web designer or agency. And while the high quality of a website, in most cases, is already considered enough to call such interaction a success, we will not touch on the quality of the deliverable itself because this should be a default mode for a professional web designer. Instead, we will expand on the quality of those other – client-facing and reward – aspects and how web designers can use them to their advantage, particularly working in Kuwait.

Broadening the (Kuwait) Perspective on the Web Design Services

Years of navigating the Kuwait market have taught our agency that an impressive portfolio of high-quality web products is not decisive in winning a client’s business. You have to explain and demonstrate, where possible, how the investment in the web presence, which is usually substantial when we talk about quality, will benefit the company seeking web design services. The Kuwait market is quite peculiar in this regard. There’s a lack of understanding of the necessity to hire a professional web designer and invest in a quality website, which can be explained by the fact that most Kuwait business owners look at their company website as simply an ad in the “digital yellow pages,” i.e., the Internet. Not to say, this is all of them. Still, most – predominantly medium-sized and small enterprises – don’t have a broader perspective on the advantages of a quality online presence. Thus, they tend to opt for a “cheap and quick” solution to hastily deal with the “issue,” i.e., a website, and get on with the business, i.e., more important things.

In this context, what we mean by offering quality is for a web designer to go that extra mile to explain to a prospect how their new or renewed web presence will benefit them in the long run and point out the opportunities they’re yet unable to see. Hence, discussing what’s planned for the website is merely a stepping stone to winning a Kuwait client. The meat of the matter is to demonstrate how the new website will be helpful for the business, i.e., painting the bigger picture where a website is an essential tool for achieving the company’s vision.

We’re not claiming that a web designer should be the source of all the answers. We’re emphasizing the importance of broadening the client’s perspective on their online presence respectfully, subtly, sensibly, and comprehensibly. Demonstrating the possibilities a client can’t see is one of the gateways to the solution of the web designer’s “predicament,” as we see it and quite productively use it. Once the journey to success is clearly and creatively visualized during the initial discussion and, better yet, a couple of concepts are offered, not just one, at the presentation, the chance of winning the client’s business skyrockets, as well as the potential of a long-term relationship.

True, this advice doesn’t make the whole thing of winning a business easier. Very few in the local market are willing to apply it. Indeed, it’s much simpler to do what the client asks for without filtering it through the lens of expertise, best practice, or creativity. Thus, web designers who make an effort stand out a mile, while those who choose to please the client at the expense of website quality, let alone a comprehensive, personalized approach, turn out as much a disaster as their deliverable. A business owner is never the source of the answers but of challenges. The quality of a web designer’s solution product-wise, communication-wise, and approach-wise is the foundation of successful cooperation.

Customized Approach to the (Kuwait) Client Makes All the Difference

Adding value is nothing new. So, here is just a reminder to use it to express genuine interest in the client’s business and the love for what you do. When a potential client feels understood and offered tangible improvements – sometimes even a new business avenue they didn’t see or think of taking – a web designer gets the business, the green light for their creativity, and, if convincing enough, adequate compensation for their work. The web designer’s efforts are meaningless without such personal touch, the result is soulless, and the partnership is doomed.

Going the extra mile takes work. It is backbreaking. But this is how a web designer wins anywhere, especially in Kuwait.

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