Why Web Design Matters for Your Business

How Web Design Helps Your Business Online

Although having a business website is a common practice nowadays, the mindset of the majority of business owners is still stuck in the print world. When transitioning from printed media to the web, many businesses don’t change their marketing approach to doing things.

Usually, after launching their new shiny website, companies part their ways with the web designer to never meet again. The problems start when they notice that the website’s dazzling performance has dimmed, and it’s become non-responsive, irrelevant, and visually embarrassing. Unfortunately, in many cases, it takes years to realize that a website is not an ad in the Yellow Pages to be published and forgotten. A website is a never-ending project, a part of the ever-evolving marketing strategy, and should be constantly changing along with it.

Web design is more than just a pretty layout, graphics, and imagery that frame your content and contact details. Web design is a customer experience of your brand online. It matters. So does your mindset regarding how to use your website. Let’s have a closer look at each facet of how your brand is experienced online and why you shouldn’t neglect it.

Web Design Communicates Your Brand

While a brand is a shorthand for the company’s core values and messages, a web design is a shorthand for the customer experience. Web design raises the profile of your brand, subtly moving customers through the customer journey funnel in a direction of your company’s products or services. If prospects have only just discovered your brand by landing on your website, the quality of web design will create their perception of your company and may even become associated with the quality of your products and services, regardless of whether such a juxtaposition is justified. If your company has already built a reputation on the market, your web design has to match and reflect it by coding your specific offering in the customers’ minds. Whether your brand values are luxury and quality or comfort and practicality, your web design is expected to project these.

The website created by Branders Pro for HZMB Architects is an example of web design well-aligned with the company’s specialization and its style of architectural solutions. Their modern functional architecture is reflected in modern minimalist aesthetics and breathing white space, birth and evolution of their architectural ideas – in the stark contrast of drawings and finished projects, their originality and professionalism – in impeccable website performance, eye-catching visuals, and scrolling effects. The website experience literally gives you the feel of the HZMB design and architecture.

Web Design Makes a Visual Impact

Brand identity and web design are inextricably tied online. Visual elements on your web pages – like font, colors, shapes, and logo – don’t just constitute your brand identity and encode values but also complement and flow into the web design concept. The tandem of graphic design and web design is the driving force behind the company’s commercial and advertising efforts. Its nature may vary depending on your target audience and campaign goals. Is a neat, minimalistic approach more appealing to your target audience? Or do you think they’d prefer a flashy, borderline-tacky look and feel? Whatever it is, a well-thought-out web design helps you impress your prospects with memorable visual aesthetic that has no chance of getting unnoticed.

Kuwait International Air Cargo boasts a website that invariably achieves a powerful visual impact on online visitors. There are very few if any airfreight company websites with such a striking and rich gradient background and, contrary to expectation, without usual aircraft images, except, of course, in the fleet section. Instead, the website uses light animation of airplanes “flying” in the background. Very simple, yet very memorable.

Web Design Reinforces Your Brand Message and Drives Conversion Rates

Along with enhancing your brand identity, a professional web design will do an excellent job conveying the brand message and evoking a favorable customer response. Carefully chosen and implemented imagery, carefully crafted and placed written content both structure your web design in terms of various functions and tasks, such as building authority and credibility, supporting marketing strategy, and of course, boosting conversion rates. Once again, the compelling psychological power of web design cannot be underestimated: Where does a viewer’s eye land on your webpage? What feelings are evoked by the photos, colors, and layout you have chosen for your website? Which area of your landing page is the most important takeaway? A well-designed sales pitch amplifies a website’s ability to reinforce your brand message and increase your conversion rate.

Photos as a living accessory. Once you land on Moch Raumgestaltung’s website, it impresses you with striking photos against the dark background, very well illustrating this point. The dark mode makes photos and illustrations with brighter colors stand out and come alive. Branders Pro always puts web design to strategic use that communicates exactly what you want to say.

Web Design Interacts with Your Audience

Intriguing your online visitors with enticing visuals and a convincing copy is far from enough. Although capturing attention is an important accomplishment, holding it is even more so. Now, your website needs to engage your prospects with a smooth and seamless browsing experience, which is a concern of UI/UX design (user interface/user experience) that takes care of how all the visual and interactive elements should be applied to effectively guide the user through your website.

Creative presentation and intuitive organization of each web page are essential for dynamic and fluent user interaction. If the experience on your website presents even the tiniest difficulty or the smallest delay, the incoming web traffic will be bouncing off without giving your brand a second chance.

Taking into account the ever-increasing number of mobile users, the mobile version of your website will suffer the same consequences if it’s not optimized for mobile devices, browsers, and operating systems, that is, if it’s not readable and viewable depending on the dimensions of the specific screen, window, or the OS that is being used. Such optimization is a domain of mobile responsive design that works to make your website agile, adjustable, and perfectly usable in various digital environments.

To put it shortly, easy navigation, browsing, and interactivity are as important as visual elements. You might have an impressive website, but it’s useless if a user finds it difficult to browse around. Pave the way of two to three clicks to any destination on your website to ensure user satisfaction. Mobile responsive, the Kuwait Re website accomplishes just that with simple website architecture, comprehensive infomercial landing page, and fixed top menu bar.

The Bottom Line, Web Design is Home to Your Creativity

Thanks to the internet and social media, the modern customer has seen it all, demanding enormous efforts from marketers and companies trying to raise their brand awareness. For this reason, being unique is the overriding aim of every business. It is a prerequisite for standing out from the crowd in highly competitive market conditions.

Unless you have actual, creative ideas that set you apart, being unique is a rather challenging task, which, however, when accomplished, ensures that you reach and impress your target audience.

Exploring creativity remains the only sure way to rise above the noise of all the other competing signals and catch the attention of the right prospects. The bottom line, great design is critical to gaining traction, and creativity is its essential component.

In this blog, we tried to handpick a few salient web design examples that clearly illustrate a point that we think is important. In practice, all the web design functions, as outlined by us, should be fulfilled in every website project and work together as a whole. Only then can they be fully appreciated, all the while having their individual significance duly recognized.

There’s a saying that the first impression is the last one. It can’t be more valid for website design because it is not just color schemes, fonts, icons, buttons, layout, and navigation. Website design is a creative concept that exudes business value, speaks to customers, earns their trust, and of course, achieves business goals.

There’s no erasing of what one has seen. Web design is loaded with multiple meanings and intentions whose ultimate goal is to produce a strong emotional impact, ideally a lasting one. So, if your web design is less than professional and not aligned with the brand’s core messages, it may undermine years of work and reputation. By contrast, a great web design speaks volumes for your company’s professionalism, excellence, and positioning in the market.

Branders Pro web design centers around creativity and impeccable implementation. We are well versed in the potential impact of all aspects of web design on your project: in-depth conceptualization, first-class execution, and spot-on copy. While you’re focused on the results, we’ll create a great marketing tool for their achievement and more.

At Branders Pro, we understand that your website’s mission and use are not limited to a mere testimonial online presence. Your website is an ever-changing marketing platform that organically grows your business. Similarly, our role as an agency is not limited to web design only. Rather, we are a website management company that is your digital support available long after your website is launched to help keep it mobile responsive, relevant, and impressive at all times.

Branders Pro, more than just web designers.

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