Is Web Development Worth Investing? A Kuwait Perspective

Today, everyone agrees that having a website is essential for business success. There’s no need to explain that a website promotes business identity to a broader audience, enhances business credibility and global exposure, and, ultimately, remains the center of all marketing efforts. There’s no need to emphasize that online presence ensures 24/7 access to the company’s products and services, helping to grow market share and revenue while increasing profitability and providing various other benefits.

A Wow Website. Taking Your Online Presence One Step Further

Now that the evolution of the global market has turned a website into an essential, what would be the next focus of the company’s digital endeavors? Well, it’s not just having a website but investing in the original web design and quality web development to create a great user experience that’s long become a decisive factor in attracting potential customers. Excellent user experience is actually the driver of all the website-generated advantages. Hence, the market competition and customer expectations put continual pressure on companies to improve and upgrade their web presence. And while some of them enthusiastically welcome new trends in web development and strategize on how to best implement and benefit from them, others keep resisting and persist with the usual ways for as long as possible due to the high web development cost that the new technologies entail.

Web Development and Workflow

Professional web development offers abundant business opportunities, provided a company chooses the right web developer. And the ability to productively explore this choice determines the success of the company’s online presence. A qualified web developer masterfully aligns a website with a business. Depending on the web development requirements, this may include things like:

  • Advice on the better alternative when selecting between a template and a custom website.
  • Developing a custom website that’s ideally tailored to the needs of a company.
  • Building a robust functionality or a website backend that accommodates any business structure or operations, and much more.

Fundamentally, an expert web developer creates a web infrastructure to assist a company in carrying out various tasks and reaching specific objectives.

Web Development and Brand Image

Of course, the primary objective of a website is attracting and interacting with the target audience and potential customers in the digital space. That said, a website aims beyond a simply testimonial presence toward projecting the entire brand experience and, thus, brand image online. Looking from this angle opens a much broader perspective on the importance of web development, especially front-end web development, and the quality of user experience that it can provide. Alongside easy navigation, advanced search, or real-time filtering and sorting options (which are fundamental building blocks of a user journey, for example, on the ecommerce website), a web developer creates various points of user engagement like interactive maps, vivid animations, hover effects, and all sorts of similar tantalizing micro-interactions that ensure a truly absorbing and personalized website experience.

Web Development and User Experience

The experience on the customer-facing side of a website makes or breaks the first impression. Therefore, it’s crucial to make your site mobile-friendly and responsive, which is the domain of web development. The Internet is full of beautiful examples of such websites, meaning that the benchmark keeps rising, and technologies are thus getting better and better.

New technologies allow entrepreneurs to engage more users and stay competitive. Let’s take, for example, popular JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.js. With their help, web developers create highly adaptable user interfaces and complex one-page websites. Since these front-end web development technologies use small-sized libraries, the website loading and response time significantly decreases, enabling, among other things, the creation and interconnectedness of multiple interactive elements. Thanks to seamless, smooth page transitions, the entire website functions as one page while consisting of many because page transitions happen without reloading the browser. Moreover, JavaScript frameworks are currently supported by all modern browsers and are generally indexed by all major search engines. They offer the quintessential user experience enhancement, a critical element of an outstanding web presence.

Amazing Website vs. Cost – Which One Wins?

Adopting the latest web development trends transforms how businesses interact with their clients. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies is conducive to business growth and customer satisfaction. However, the advantages of recent web development buzzes are leveraged by the cost of their implementation, which is why many of our clients in Kuwait, although expressing enthusiasm about novel web development approaches, are quite reluctant to pay for their realization and choose the mainstream techniques and frameworks instead. This attitude sets a low benchmark in the local market and, thus, kills competition on the advanced level of web development – the fact that sometimes dampens our agency’s enthusiasm when it comes to specific projects because they never reach their full potential intended by our web design concept.

Why spend so much money if the good old CSS copes well with the tasks? True, a website may be slower. But that’s not a big deal, while spending big money to make it a bit faster and smoother certainly is. Hence, very few businesses in Kuwait, particularly medium-sized and small enterprises, are ready to invest in web development when the latest advancements are in question. And such a decision is pretty reasonable. But again, it all depends on how you want the experience on your website to feel. Just bear in mind that this experience shapes the brand image of your business online.

Are You Ready to Stand Out?

The way a website is developed signals the prestige of the company. Do you want your website to feel like the one of Adobe, Reuters, or Xiaomi? Even if you’re a local business, JavaScript frameworks can bring you closer to that level in terms of your website or app. So, it’s entirely up to you. Only you decide if it’s worth investing in state-of-the-art web development.

From the Kuwaiti market standpoint, the leading edge of web development is not worth striving for until it becomes the new normal of the standard website. But then, it means always lagging behind. Because the standards in web development change fast, we say it’s vital to stay one step ahead by focusing on techniques and frameworks that are gaining traction. Yet again, only you decide whether you want to get ahead of the crowd in your market niche. The decision is yours.

So, what will it be?

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