Does Your Mobile App Make Any of These Mistakes?

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People who have a negative experience on mobile are 62% less likely to make a future purchase — no matter how beautiful or data-driven your marketing campaigns are. As a business owner powering your operations with a mobile app, you cannot afford to dismiss such a substantial number. On top of that, 90% of users stop using an app if it performs poorly, and poor user experience is part of a disappointing performance.

User experience makes or breaks your sales. Fortunately, it is within your control to make it work for you and your customers. Check out our list of five common mistakes in mobile app design to ensure you provide a first-rate mobile experience for your audience. And if you discover that you don’t, we’ll advise on what to do next to eliminate the setbacks in your customers’ journey to your fantastic products or services.

Mistake #1: poor logic and architecture

In a user’s language, this usually means that it is unclear how to get from A to B. That is, how to accomplish the task that the app intends to achieve in the first place. Because the structure (architecture) of the mobile app lacks logic, the flawed hierarchy of pages makes it difficult to map the way to the final destination. As a result, buying your product and receiving adequate service becomes “mission impossible,” ruining your relationship with the customer.

Mistake #2: unable to “go back”

This one, sometimes, ties in closely with the structural defects. Imagine reaching a point in the app where you start to fill out a pretty lengthy web form and, at the very end of it, discover that you’ve taken the “wrong turn” somewhere along the way. You’re not quite in the right place. Imagining the frustration is optional. But you can’t really help it when you realize there’s no “go back” button to save at least some progress on your wasted journey. Users need to be able to take a step back, and, sadly, your app doesn’t provide the way of doing so. Now, they need to start it all over again.

Mistake #3: no visual cues

Your customer has almost completed the path to their goal. Almost. There’s a “thousandth” step of the journey to be taken, finalizing their purchase by pressing “buy now,” their subscription by clicking “create an account,” or their application by pushing “submit.” They take it… and nothing happens. Has anything gone wrong? They wait another few seconds, clueless. Shall I start it all over?! Such a situation occurs when your customer doesn’t receive any visual feedback on the completion of the transaction. Your app should never appear frozen when data loads. Users don’t mind waiting longer if they know the software is still operating.

Mistake #4: button – pressed or not pressed

We continue with the topic of visual cues. Imagine yet again that, along with the app appearing frozen, you don’t actually know whether you got this “buy now,” “create an account,” or “submit” button pressed with your finger touch because there was no visual effect confirming your action. We expect to receive feedback when engaging with the objects, which is part of our psychology. So when we don’t, guessing the outcomes of our interactions causes us unnecessary stress. Therefore, your app becoming a source of negativity for your customers is something you should strive to avoid at all costs.

Mistake #5: confusing dialogue actions

Your mobile app must be designed with ease of use and clarity in mind. The actions that you prompt your customers to take must facilitate their journey to your product or service, not make it arduous. Ask straightforward questions that require little effort and time to answer. Putting ambiguous questions and providing confusing choices in the dialogue can cause not only annoyance or frustration but also panic and even a feeling of inadequacy at being unable to complete a “simple” task. It will definitely not help your brand image if your company makes your customers feel frustrated or, worse, inadequate.

How To Eliminate Common Mobile App Design Mistakes

After you’ve got acquainted with the most common user experience design blunders in mobile applications, you must be wondering: These are so obvious and easy to fix. They shouldn’t have been made in the first place. And you’re partially right. The secret here lies in the fact that many mobile app developers, for various reasons, fail to get the perspective of their client’s users. More often than not, especially in our local market, they are too busy pleasing you without too much heed to your customers’ needs, which, in turn, causes your failure because you’ve let your audience down. If you don’t view your app from a customer’s perspective, things don’t appear that obvious.

Does your app have any or all of these mistakes? They can and should be fixed.


By Redesigning. Reviewing. Testing.

It is an ongoing process in mobile app development, and with the right perspective – the customer’s perspective – you are set for success.

Here are the three pieces of advice to follow during the redesign stage:

(Bear in mind that these recommendations are useless without a user-focused approach behind them.)

  • Keep it simple

A good design is about being intuitive and user-friendly. So, your app developer must ensure the new design is clean, simple, and straightforward to navigate and use. It successfully solves the task it intends to, and there’s nothing to smooth out or simplify further.

  • Keep it consistent

Consistency of all the elements and actions in your mobile app means meeting user expectations about how your application works. Honing all the little details may be a tiresome task, but it’s well worth the effort if your customer enjoys using the app while successfully taking the action you want them to.

  • Keep it short

With each page’s goal and task clearly defined, it’s crucial not to burden your app’s users with too many details, paving a path to your fantastic products and services short and sweet and allowing them to focus on their objective and how to get there.

One thing that can objectively set you apart is putting your customer first, not by paying lip service but by providing due service. And this is precisely what we do by translating your vision into an amazing web product that delights your audience. Our team is on a mission to ‘wow’ your customers from the moment they launch your mobile app, empowering your company through the impact of creative design and development so that you get the most out of your business.

Does our approach align with your business objectives? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Let’s have the journey to success together!

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